What is Ergonomics?


Ergonomics is the science of people at work. It is an applied science that seeks to fit a job to the worker through the evaluation and design of the work environment. Ergonomics looks at such things as posture, force, repetition, and vibration with the purpose of creating a suitable work environment.


What is the value of applying ergonomics to the workplace?


Studies show that ergonomic changes to a workplace benefit both the employer and the employee. The benefits to employers are: reduced absenteeism, fewer workplace hazards, fewer injuries and reduced downtime. Skillful application of ergonomic principles can increase productivity and improve worker/management relations. The benefits to employees include reduced injuries, increased job satisfaction, improved comfort, and reduced work related stress.


What are the costs resulting from musculoskeletal injuries?


Direct costs – WCB assessment rates, penalties, and compensation claims.

Indirect costs – Down time, employee replacement and training, increased operational expenses (wasted time, lower production, rework rates, errors, etc.)